Rehoboth Productions Limited is established to be a pace-setting organization, for the purpose of impacting the world through the rhetoric of arts in order to enthrone the glorious heritage of God’s kingdom in the art field; theatre and media.

The organization comprises of professional artists and also work with people with talents; building them into becoming the best they could be, if not professionals.

Some of the works of the organization includes:


The play production of Time, play written by one of African's leading playwright Chucks Okoye, a play personification on the issues around cancer, intrigues about the test of love, happiness and faith in relationship.


This is the enactment of chapter 40 of the book of Isaiah in the bible. The understanding of the message of the greatness and awesomeness of God in the chapter comes alive with the use of music, songs, dance and drama.


This play is an absurd enactment which evolved out of workshop experience. It is a satirical play that exposes the challenges in Christian homes and proffers solution to them. Written by our playwright Moji Olayiwola.


An adaptation of Wale Ogunyemi’s ‘Eniyan’, it is a total theatre which satirizes the egocentricity of man with his possessions and his relationship with the less privileged. It reveals the path to redemption


Written by Mojisola Olayiwola, this play exposes the vices in the society. It reveals the menace of gangsters among the youths and chides the parents for their failure to properly train their children; out of fear of losing them to social services.

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